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Welcome to Ackerman Audio

If you’re serious about finding a professional Voiceover Talent, you’ve come to the right site.

Information about Ackerman Audio is easy to follow:

  • Who is Chris Ackerman?
  • Why is he seen as a top expert in the field?
  • Does he offer what you’re looking for?
  • What’s new – Chris's Blog?
  • Where can I find Demos?
  • How can I make Contact?

Chris has am impressive 20-year career in Voice Over work, Audio Production, Direction and Management.  He possesses an 

innate ability to recognize what makes a presentation good -- and even more importantly -- how to make it better.  Chris's years of experience and the knowledge gained as a Broadcast Manager, Session Audio Engineer and Talent Director, combined with his fluid speaking voice and effortless delivery create the perfect mix for Voice Overs.

Chris's clients span the globe from the United States and Canada to Ireland, Indonesia, The United Kingdom, Lebanon, Jamaica, Australia and Sweden.  They include such well known names as The Boston Museum of Science, Chevrolet/GMC (Dubai), Corona, Lifelock, Tillamore Dew, Reputation Dot Com, Cleveland Clinic, the LEGO Ninjago Series and the Special Olympics, just to name a few.

Chris breathes life into scripts, characters and brands from his Boise, Idaho state-of-the-art Recording Studio. The Voice Studio utilizes ISDN, Phone Patches and Source Connect (R).  Completed audio files can be delivered via Email, FTP sites or on a CD-ROM shipped by regular mail.

Voiceover Services include:

  • Voiceovers for Radio and Television Commercials,
  • Narration of Audio Books, Documentaries, Marketing Videos and E-learning
  • Storytelling,
  • Announcing and Commentating for Events and News
  • On-hold and IVR Greetings -- Company Messages and Promotions,
  • Imaging for Radio and Television, and
  • Voice Creation for Cartoon, Gaming and Animated Characters

The Voice Studio utilizes ISDN, Phone Patches and Source Connect ®.  Completed audio files can be delivered via Email, FTP sites or on a CD-ROM and shipped by regular mail.

Chris also offers pre- and post-production services:

  • Copywriting
  • Voice Tracks - edited and finished
  • Voice Direction
  • Music
  • Special Effects

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Recent Blog

What makes a VoiceOver Talent Great? We know what we like when we hear it but what specific qualities make the Best VoiceOver Talent?   (1) Clarity – a natural voice that enunciates and articulates well (2) Cleanliness – limited saliva, etc. in the mouth so extraneous noises are eliminated (3) Consistency - pace, articulation,... read more...

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