What makes a VoiceOver Talent Great?

We know what we like when we hear it but what specific qualities make the Best VoiceOver Talent?   (1) Clarity – a natural voice that enunciates and articulates well (2) Cleanliness – limited saliva, etc. in the mouth so extraneous noises are eliminated (3) Consistency - pace, articulation, volume and intensity of delivery have a rhythm that makes listening easy (4) Connection – the V/O Talent can personally identify with the written script and stays in present time (5) Conversational – using a natural style of speaking; one that engages the listener (6) Cold reading – particularly important for long-form narrations of e-learning materials and nonfiction audio books.  The ability to perform with little exposure to the copy (7) Coordinated – the ability to speak quickly, and yet, clearly to get through the copy within the time allotted (8) Coordination – when the eyes, brain and mouth are able to work together to assimilate and delivery the copy (9)  Characterization – acting talent coupled with the ability to speak deliver a convincing story (10)  Convincing – sound informed on the subject and that they believe in it (11)  Control – the ability to control the pitch, volume, tone of the voice and their breath; and (12)  Confidence – trust in one's experience and training to delivery what the client wants. 

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